With the tranquil - and rare sunny - view of fields outside my window in Cheshire as I write this, Faithless' 'Insomnia' is playing on the radio in the background (I love bass-y dance music) and I suddenly thought, "I wonder what they had to go through to make that song the success it is..." (random thought of the day). So, a little Google search later and I now know that it was a song that started in a garden shed and ended up as a worldwide hit, still one of the best out there, even after 35 years, because of people working together.


See, ingenuity, creativity, tenacity and collaboration. They get you where you want to be, so that you are remembered for years to come.


When you're facing the challenges that owning a business brings - tough competition and your own personal hurdles - not to mention a worldwide pandemic, you need someone on your side that wants to help you win.

I know, I've been there and still am. Wondering if anyone is going to buy from you. Are you any good? Is your competition better than you? Will people like what you give them? Battling imposter syndrome, yet still putting one step in front of the other and moving forward. Doing it.


So, let's work together and I'll help you create read-worthy content to show the world (or that one person that said you couldn't do it) just how f***ing awesome you are!

Writing and creating, it hasn't always been what I do for a living, but I always seemed to be the go-to when employers wanted vibrant ads, engaging articles or blog posts, brochures or online promo material. I think they saved several thousands in marketing fees! But, I really, really enjoy the creative process and believe there's art in everything. Besides, if you're going to put something out to the world, then it should be good to look at and read about, right?

So, I finally took the plunge into the icy water and started my own freelance writing gig doing what makes my soul happy; immersing myself into creating for you, the business owner. The entrepreneur that started something. Helping you bring to the world what you love doing, too. Making it beautiful and awesome with words.