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Blown away in Abersoch: How I almost exposed my a**e to the world

Updated: May 12

The small, soaked through tent was battering the side of my head as it competed against the unforgiving 50 mile an hour wind and rain. It was at severe risk of achieving lift-off, leaving my bare backside exposed to the occupants of the neighbouring caravan.

A scene that wouldn’t have been out of place in ‘Carry on Camping’.

Ever tried to hold a tent up and trying to stop it flying away, all while pulling your pants back up…?

First for me, too.

Let’s rewind to the day before…

Like many, COVID restrictions have forced us to rethink our getaways this year.

So, here we were on a cold Friday in early May, and we’ve arrived to pick up the campervan hired for our

3-night getaway from CamperHoliday.

‘Wilma’ is a pretty little white VW T5, fully kitted out with everything you’d need, including the hookup cable, and table and chairs. Even indoor and outdoor games are thrown in, so all you’d need to pack is your bedding and any personal belongings.

Jo had been fab at making the booking process easy from start to finish. Plus their website is a font of extremely useful information, where you have a choice of 3 vans to choose from. Fred and Pebbles, being the other two.

After Ian had shown us the ropes, all we needed to do was load in our stuff and off we set to Abersoch.

A relatively uneventful two and a half hours later, and we'd arrived on the sun-strewn Llyn peninsula and at Bryn Bach Caravan and Campsite, set on a hill, with picturesque views across the bay and beach below.

We felt like the cool kids in our van, amongst the big caravans.

Ally, the site manager, had asked a few days before if we wanted to move our booking, as the current restrictions didn’t allow shared bathroom facilities to be open until later in the month.

We’d be fine, I said. We’d be coming prepared with our own facilities, I said.

Ha! Wales had other ideas.

With the ‘Shit Shack’ (as it was dubbed by my daughter), all set up and now housing the glamourous Porta Potti, a 40 minute wander down the lanes and across the beach took us into Abersoch in search of a reward for our busy day.

The town is small, with limited outside options for food, but St Tudwal’s Inn has a great heated patio to the rear and had a BBQ on offer, so that’s where we opted for. The burgers were absolutely divine. Properly divine.

Suitably fed and watered, we headed back to the site by taxi to witness the stunning sunset over the bay, afterwards retreating to the cosy warmth of the van with prosecco now nice and cold having been in the fridge all afternoon.

We had no real idea what the morning had in store for us.

I mean, we’d looked at the weather forecast, but…you know…

Fast forward to Saturday morning. We're woken from the cosiness and comfort of the rock ‘n roll bed, by the wind and rain hitting the van. The pop-top is open, so that’s not helping. Roof closed, I put my coat on to prepare for the trip to the loo.

And we all know how that went!

Thankfully, no indecent exposure from me, but the ‘shit shack’ had to be dismantled or it would definitely have been off across the hill.

We pleaded our case with Ally, asking if there was any way we could have access to a toilet at least. We could manage without a shower, as we’d brought bathing wipes in case of an emergency.

She was a diamond in letting us have a key to a self-contained toilet and shower we could use for the rest of our stay. I honestly don’t know if we would’ve stayed otherwise. Our middle-aged bladders were not ideal for these conditions!

Having not made plans anyway, and the luxury of a hot shower later, we settled into Wilma for the day, where she kept us warm.

And for the first time in a while, we did nothing other than just listen to good music supplied by whatever YouTube decided to offer up, with the evening filled with food, wine and a movie. Nothing exciting, but a joy to be able to just do nothing, reconnect and not feel obligated to do anything else.

Sunday brought with it some respite from the rain and we ventured down to the recently opened Little Tearooms at Mickey’s Boatyard for ice cream, then into town via the golf course this time, ending up at Zinc Bar and Grill for unrushed drinks and nibbles in the sun.

Taking in the still somewhat grey view across the bay on Monday morning before packing up, we could have stayed another day if Wilma wasn't already booked out.

Did we enjoy the trip?

Most definitely.

Would we do it again?


Will we make sure that bathroom facilities are fully open?

Without a doubt. Whatever time of the year.

I'm not sure I'm ready to give up a hot shower or proper flushing toilet any time soon.


Who travelled:

Me and hubby

The trip was paid for in full by us. The suppliers didn’t know this article was going to be written and my comments about them are authentic and unsolicited.

We hired Wilma from:

CamperHoliday based near Holmes Chapel


(From £82/day)

Jo and Ian’s help from start to finish will set you on the road for a great getaway.

Their website is a hive of useful info, including road trip ideas, and how-to videos and tips on what and how to pack (using plastic crates instead of bags was the best tip ever!)

We stayed at:

Bryn Bach Caravan and Campsite.


(From £19/night)

A delightful little site with uninterrupted views across the beach, with nicely-spaced pitches and a couple of glamping tents.

Food and Drink:

St Tudwals Inn in Abersoch centre


A welcoming pub and restaurant, serving a great selection of both food and drink.

Zinc Bar and Grill


An always popular bar and restaurant.

The Little Tearooms


A great little place to watch the ever-changing colours of the sea, whether enjoying a coffee or fresh, tasty food.

When we travelled:

May 2021

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